Strange Days: Memories of the Future, The Store X, review - a powerful mix of memory and music from the MTV generation

Strange Days: Memories of the Future - Fly Paper
Strange Days: Memories of the Future - Fly Paper Credit: Jack Hems/Kahlil Joseph

On a giant screen in a darkened room, in the bowels of a Brutalist building on The Strand, two Egyptian men are holding a dance-off.

One, middle-aged and heavyset, with a thick moustache and an auburn leather jacket, looks like a shady street-hustler. The other, clean-shaven and less paunchy, is younger and more agile.

With solemn expressions, they shimmy and sway, whirling to the intoxicating, insistent beats of “shaabi”, a style of working-class music popular in Cairo.

What ritual is being enacted? We cannot say for sure, but the effect is visceral and hypnotic.

Jewel (2010), by the Egyptian artist Hassan Khan, who was inspired by a memory of two men dancing beside a home-made speaker on a...

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