AI: More than Human review, Barbican: fascinating questions, robotic answers

Co(AI)xistence - Justine Emard
Co(AI)xistence - Justine Emard Credit: Justine Emard/Adagp, Paris 2018

The rise of Artificial Intelligence, suggests the Barbican in notes to its exhibition “AI: More Than Human”, is both “daunting and liberating”. How powerfully the show’s curators must have felt those twin sentiments as they plotted their exploration of a technology that, rightly, they estimate to be of central significance in our lives. 

Liberating, because the concept of creating other thinking creatures has been fascinating to us for so long that it is both intuitive and essential. It amply rewards exploring, and what riches there are to do so: Frankenstein’s monster, old Hollywood footage of which opens the exhibition, takes its place among representations of Shinto deities and western alchemical...

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