Swan Lake review, St Petersburg Ballet Theatre, London Coliseum: a lake best approached with caution  

Swan Lake at Coliseum
Swan Lake at Coliseum

St Petersburg Ballet Theatre has swooped into London at the end of what has been a particularly arid, summer’s-long drought for Brtish dance lovers, but also just before the autumn season proper gets into gear. The company is a curious one. Set up as recently as 1994, it has only one nominal prima ballerina – Irina Kolesnikova (wife of the company’s founding director Konstantin Tachkin) – and its modus operandi appears to be to draft in distinguished principals from the two far older, far greater Russian companies to fill roles as necessary.

On offer this year (as during its last visit, in 2015) is its Swan Lake – largely pitched here, I have a hunch, at visitors to London hoping to catch a Big...

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